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Who is E.O. Dunbar

E. O. Dunbar Associates, Inc. is an advertising specialty products firm serving large businesses throughout the United States. Our firm supplies custom designed, and often custom-made products, which place its client' names and messages before targeted audiences in unique formats.

E.O. Dunbar designs and produces an almost limitless variety of custom designed awards, promotional items and rewards for the employees, business associates and customers of its customers. From monogrammed polo shirts to classic etched crystal from some of the world's best-known manufacturers of fine crystal, E. O. Dunbar Associates fulfills the desires of its customers for unique gifts and awards to acknowledge their special appreciation to those who serve them and those to whom they provide their services and products.

We specialize in servicing Fortune 500 corporations with a variety of products used for trade shows, sales events, telemarketing, company sponsored seminars, client give aways and mass mailings. Our major clients include AT&T, BEA Systems, Lexmark, Novell, Lucent, IBM, Dialogic and Nintendo. We have been producing quality products for AT&T for many years and are now one of the largest advertising specialty companies in the United States.

  • We have been certified by the State of Florida, Small Business Administration as a Minority Vendor classified as a Woman Owned Business. This certification meets most corporate requirements for Minority or Woman Owned status.
  • We have been recognized for the Outstanding Contribution to the AT&T Marketing Communication - Direct Mail Organization (MCDM) in November 1998 and also recognized as a special vendor by the AT&T MCDM/SMD organization in 2000.
  • We have been selected as the only Supplier Member for Promotional Products to the Association of Briefing Programming Managers (APBM), which is an organization of management responsible for executive briefing programs/centers. The association has members from all the leading technology companies. To find out further information, contact APBM directly (
  • We have been selected as a member of the Multi-million dollar roundtable of our industry trade association, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) for many years.

What does E.O. Dunbar Provide

E.O. Dunbar Associates, Inc. has been in existence since 1990 and we are women owned vendor (MWBE). The officers have been involved with the telecommunications industry for over twenty-five years and have previously been associated with the data processing consulting industry.

Our focus as a company is to work with organizations to fulfill their promotional needs by offering quality products at the most reasonable price. We utilize the latest computer technology for immediate access to thousands of vendor catalogs.

Our clients have the ability to access many of those same catalogs online and can select items from those catalogs by going to our website's Vendor Catalogs section. We make ordering very convenient and use all the latest technology for selecting products, creating and transferring artwork/logos, and viewing product layout online. We also accept all major credit cards.

We supply client organizations with wearables including T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, jackets, denim/twill shirts, caps etc. We also provide promotional items such as mugs, buttons, mouse pads, key tags, badge holders, pens, crystal, golf items, awards etc. Our printers and embroiders are among the best in the industry. That is why our repeat business ratio is over 94%.

What Special Services does E.O. Dunbar Perform

In order to ensure that our client always receives the highest level of service, E.O. Dunbar has performed the following:

  • Continuous protection of our client's logo ensuring that the logo is the latest version, uses the appropriate colors, placement, and acceptable tagline placement. If any question arises, checking with the appropriate logo organization to ensure correctness. Updating clients to ensure that their logo usage is also correct. We also work with our clients' advertising agencies and other organizations to oversee that art is correct and is provided to our manufacturers in proper format. We have worked with multiple advertising agencies and have assisted in artwork requirements, layout, formatting, and rules.
  • Education of our client on different media requirements as related to art and readability including embroidery, paper, sublimation, hot stamp, embossing, silk screening etc. All product material and print methods have subtle differences and problems can occur related to color, size, spot vs full color process, embroidery vs print etc. We work with your organizations to ensure that the final product will always be produced with the highest quality possible.
  • Custom design products for your unique requirements. We have provided our clients with totally custom products including Golf Shirts, stuffed animals/beanies, scarves, tote bags and assisted from design through completion choosing material, colors, design and embroidery.
  • Product selection and design of material for themed events. We have been involved in selecting products from design through implementation for corporate themed events. We research items that would meet the themed approach, custom design items, provide multiple samples, produce items overseas and ensure that all items have the look and feel of a themed approach. We have supplied initial announcement products, invitations, preplanning items, trip packages, room drops, staff uniform, party event items and final awards for multiple clients at different locations. Our clients and their event planning organization has used E.O. Dunbar for the total production of all items in order to ensure strict adherence to colors, look and feel of the entire event.
  • Art design and development. We have regularly been requested to assist in the design of the actual logo/artwork for many of our clients. We have recently purchased more sophisticated art software, allowing us to enhance your existing logo with additional taglines or custom artwork. We always send a sample of your illustration in color for the product selected via email for customer approval. Once approved, we send in the order to the manufacturer with the identical picture already preapproved by the client. Again, we require a fax proof or an actual preproduction sample to be provided by the manufacturer, depending on time and/or quantity.
  • All jobs, whether big or small are followed from inception through completion. We track all jobs from the moment it goes to the manufacturer until it reaches the client's site. We ensure the manufacturer has received the requirement, require a paper proof/preproduction proof, check the shipping date, and follow through on its arrival whether at client site or hotel. We keep the client informed during the entire process.
  • E.O. Dunbar guarantees that all of our products meet the client expectations. When the occasional error occurs, whether it be due to a print error or product failure, E.O. Dunbar has always made sure that the problem is resolved to the client's satisfaction.

In conclusion, our clients know that their program will be able to meet the highest quality standards whenever they use E.O. Dunbar.


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